Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Compare: Fees & Charges of Online Stockbrokers

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I saw a post (click here) in where a PEXer compared the charges of two online stockbrokers -- AB Capital and COL Financial.

So I thought, why not make a broader comparison of charges and fees of several online stockbrokers? The result: click the picture for its full size.

I don't want to play favorites but I believe I must disclose that I am a contented COL Financial Client. I am contented not just because of the low fees, but also of the UI of the platform and a wide array of resources (such as various Technical and Fundamental guides, company reports, outlooks, etc).

Their customer support is also always ready to help and even entertains newbie questions through email.

On the other hand, I must also disclose that I had never tried any other online stockbroker, so saying that COL Financial is the best might be invalid and unfair for the others. Nonetheless, I am very much satisfied with COL and am not looking forward to transferring to another broker. I even opened my second account with COL late last year. (And if COL Financial website bogs down, the old website is usually still functional. Hehe.)

Limitations of this post: I just read the FAQ on each broker's website. When I indicated "none stated", it means nothing is stated in the FAQ but it is not a guarantee that they don't charge that fee.

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Have fun saving and investing! We must act in order for knowledge to become powerful.


  1. Nice! A co-worker of mine was actually just asking about this. Thanks for the info!

  2. Thanks for your comments! It is great to know that you (and your officemate) found this post timely for your discussion.

  3. Thanks for this post! Do you also have one comparing fees for mutual funds and uitfs? thanks.

  4. Welcome! Sadly, I still don't have one that compares fees of mutual funds and uitfs. I'm quite busy now so I can not update this blog. But I hope this link will be helpful for you. =)

  5. From the chart, COL is actually cheaper in terms of fees than BPI?

    And yet they also provide more research... hmm... look like I should switch sooner rather than later...

    1. Hehe. And COL has no monthly charge too. =)


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