Monday, January 7, 2013

Being an IMG Associate

Somebody asked me about being an Associate of the International Marketing Group or IMG. He specifically asked whether he can do it in part-time capacity.

For the uninitiated, IMG is a brokerage firm with primary goal of educating Filipinos about financial literacy. Its head office is in Makati but has several satellite offices/sub-group in major Philippine cities and in other countries. Mind you, it is too big a network to be a scam. And there is no promise of exaggerated returns. You have to do some thing to be compensated.

Anyway, part of my answer to the question is after the jump.

Yes, you can become an associate of IMG in part-time capacity. This is an advocacy, not really a job. There is no compensation, except for the possible commissions from some of the financial products that IMG offers through its partners. But you do not necessarily need to recruit new associates or sell financial products. It is encouraged, but not necessary to retain your membership with IMG.

The main thrust of IMG is to educate Filipinos about financial literacy. The commissions earned by the members are bonus. I do not encourage you to resign from your job just because you are already an associate of IMG. Try it first. But you can do it. (some parts deleted)

There are two IMG seminars that are free to the public. But the IMG Wealth Academy has about 20 seminars with topics ranging from insurance, mutual fund, the spiritual side of money, estate planning and many others. By being an associate, you can attend the other seminars and training for free.

You can also earn commissions from some of the products that IMG handles (from life insurance, to healthcare to real estate). If you are going to purchase it for yourself or a family member, then you can consider the commission as your "discount."

Some products of IMG include Kaiser International Healthgroup, Cocolife, Generali Insurance and the three mutual fund companies I mentioned before (First Metro Asset Management, Inc.; Philam Asset Management, Inc.; and Philequity Management, Inc.).


If you want to know more about IMG and its services and offered product, feel free to reply in this comment or email me @ You can also find me on Facebook using the same email address.

Happy saving! Happy investing!


  1. Hi. I got to the site of IMG got curious, paid membership and joined. Sad thing is after joining the members only site does little help. What I mean is that you cannot start selling right away; there is no discount structure or commission rate; no details on the products you can sell in terms of price etc. The transaction flow tells you to contact your MD. But who is my MD when I joined online?

  2. Hi, are you in Surigao City right now? Please send your reply to I might need some information from you not suitable for the viewing public. Thanks. =)

  3. LOADCENTRALCARAGA, please also include in your reply the agent code given to you so we can verify it in our head office in Makati. Please also include other contact details (mobile phone number?) so we can communicate with you more effectively. Please send all these to Thanks! More Power. Onward to financial literacy and financial freedom. =)


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